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Dean Martilli

Last month the Biden administration, recognizing human attrocities by the Communist.

Chinese Party, announced a boycott of official diplomats to attend the February Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Team USA will compete. 

This decision comes as allegations about the party’s involvement have included:

•Approximately 1 million Uyghur Muslims are assigned to factories working as slaves, genocide and organ harvesting are practiced;

•Peng Shuai, Chinese tennis star, questions about her safety in China after she revealed a sexual assault by a CCP official;

•Attacks on U.S. satellites using blinding optics with lasers and electronic warfare jamming;

•Supplying Mexican drug cartels with fentanyl to distribute in the US;

•Hypersonic weapons program recent demonstration caught the U.S. by surprise;

•Taiwan is experiencing Chinese jets entering their airspace amid concern of a possible invasion;

•Theft of intellectual properties;

•A quest by China to gather DNA (the genetic information for the development and function of an organism) from all countries especially the United States an emerging danger to our health and safety; and

          The Biden administration’s decision to compete is weak, showing the world that the U.S. bows to Communist Chinese Party. Strength would have been organizing other countries to move the games unless issues were addressed.


By Dean Martilli

West Springfield

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